Mechanical Specialization

SKID System

The basic DÜRR POLAND transport system is SKID, covering a range of transport equipment designed according to specific features of technological and transport lines.

SKID system elements:

  • Pendel type transporters used in phosphatizing units for automobile body transport in etching and passivation baths in normal and special acid-resistant special steel execution, as well as in cataphoretic painting units (KTL) in normal and acid-resistant execution,
  • toothed bell or chain-driven roll tables, depending upon requirements - in normal and acid-resistant as well as in normal and high-temperature execution,
  • eccentric rising tables with 80 to 300 mm pitch,
  • transfer tables, turn-tables,
  • longitudinal, dryer-type chain conveyors,
  • chain conveyors in varnishing cabins,
  • accumulative conveyors,
  • belt- and chain-type transversal conveyors,
  • chain- and belt longitudinal conveyors in operational lines,
  • special equipment - reloading equipment, suspensions, positioning interlocks and others,
  • IMC-type conveyors - reversed chain conveyors, where objects transported are located above conveyor track; used in dryers,
  • safety systems.

SKILLET system

Transport system used in automobile assembly lines.

SKILLET system elements:

  • platforms equipped with shear-type rising tables,
  • roller tables and strips,
  • eccentric rising tables,
  • transfer tables, turn-tables,
  • transversal chain conveyors,
  • roller drives,
  • four-column belt lifts,
  • special equipment - reloading equipment, positioning interlocks, etc.

Lightweight conveyors

Used in automobile components varnishing shops and tyre industry.

  • Tables, roller bends driven with toothed belts or chains,
  • Eccentric rising tables,
  • Transfer tables, turn-tables,
  • Longitudinal chain conveyors for dryers,
  • Chain conveyors in varnishing cabins,
  • Transversal chain conveyors,
  • Conveyors, belt bends,
  • Special equipment.

Mechanical designs are made with the use of AutoCAD and SolidWorks systems.
For technical documentation, the management PDM-type program Compass 2005 PRO is used.